Miss Eurasia / 2017 / Awards

Magnificent Results ended "confrontation" beauties from 37 countries, republics, regions of Eurasia in the struggle for the main Titles of the 9th Beauty and Talent Festival MISS EURASIA in Antalya!

Fairness of the outcome the Final Show at the Granada Luxury Belek Hotel was guaranteed by a professional jury of representatives of show-business, cinema, fashion industry of 5 countries and the top tourism management of Eurasia.

Vivid material reinforcement of the results of the Festival was provided by worthy Partners, who gave the Winners expensive gifts: jewelry, brand clothes and cosmetics, advertising contracts, shooting in fashion magazines & TV and travel packages! Travel tours on 1 week - for EVERY in TOP-15 finalist MISS EURASIA-2017 and more 5 contestants!! The Winner of the Festival received an apartment in Antalya as a gift!