Miss Eurasia / 2009 / Events / The first final of Miss Eurasia in ANTALYA

July 11 at the main stage of a five star hotel Grand Ring Beldibi in Antalya, the first final of a series of competitions Miss Eurasia.

The President opened the show competition, he is leading the main finals famous Leonid Karatygin (LEON). In the first pass the final 16 participants demonstrated through exclusive attire of their identity, as its exclusive attitude to the world and stand in it. Got a bright, stylish, somewhere, even provocative...

In the jury of competition authorities, the fashion world, owners of travel companies of Turkey and Russia, as well as the winner of the world's largest beauty contest Miss Tourism Queen International Ol'ga Zarubina. Chairman of the distinguished jury of the owner of the Hotel Grand Ring, competition partner, vice president of football club "Antalyaspor" (Premier League Turkey) Ali Yilmaz.

The second pass - a beautiful show-room of the dance style was crowned with a magnificent concert room in the performance of the Siberian winner final of Miss Russian Radio Maria Zarubinoy.

The third competitive output - the culmination of the show, hit all the spectators Miss Eurasia 2009 - the girls were not in the ordinary course of bathing suits, and dresses the bride before the wedding night - a delicious show in white color...

Backstage. The time counting the votes of members of the jury. Excitement is growing. But the girls are coping with it is easy: during the competition, all friends. Yes, and many cameras leading Turkish media do not get bored behind the scenes.

And the culmination of the contest: the girls in flirtatious dresses, flowers, fireworks, and numerous gifts, including gold jewelry, leather goods, cash prizes... And, most importantly, - tape nominantok and winner of MISS EURASIA 2009. Sibirian Final. Congratulations!!!