Miss Eurasia / 2012 / Events / Miss Eurasia 2012 Catherine Bespalov, Miss Tourism World Olga Zarubina in the filming for the movie "WHAT'S HAPPENING MAN"

During the summer and fall of 2012 in the town of Alanya in Antalya on site GOLD CITY actively were shooting another funny Russian "blockbuster", codenamed "What hath a man." As a result, the name is not changed and the premiere date is not transported (March 2013!), Despite the large number of incidents and adventures of the crew.

Say it is not hearsay, but word of mouth: for the invitation to the producer of the film took part (of course, in small roles extras) our top beauties - Olga Zarubina (Karatygina) and Ekaterina Bespalov.

And along with them some more beautiful models residing in Antalya, including, for example, the 2012 Miss Omsk Olga Emelyanov.

Retell the story line is not going to - it is better, as they say, to see once than to hear 100 times.

And here are some photos with the stars of the Russian cinema girls managed to make to your attention now!