Miss Eurasia / 2013 / Events / Always our beauty in the field of vision media Turkey!

Birthday (YUBILEY!) the most beautiful Russian woman, now a resident of Antalya, the winner of numerous competitions beauty Olga Karatygina (Zarubina) found full reflection on the front pages of leading Turkish newspapers HURRIYET, SABAH, MILLIYET.

In the sequential parts - a photo of a great holiday in KALINA-BAR hotel RIXOS DOWN TOWN, among them including the winner of MISS EURASIA-2012 Catherine Bespalov and MISS OMSK Olga Emelyanov, who also went to live in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Antalya in April so also became the heroine of the first bands of the press Antalya, and Katya including became the face of high-end fitness center AWAROS antalian the pages of fashion magazines.