Miss Eurasia / 2013 / Events / Contestants Miss Eurasia-2013 - for DOSSO DOSSI in June 2013

Immediately after the finals of Miss Eurasia 2013, which took place on June 3 at the Marco Polo, a beauty once again moved into a luxury RIXOS LARES, which also became the seat of the organizers and the guests of the 16 in a row, the exhibition DOSSO DOSSI FASHION SHOW, the backbone of models who became participants of the contest Miss Eurasia! Our partners at the exhibition were brands SASSOFONO, LIFE FOREVER, VELVET, ROBERTO BRAVO, VIENTI.

Girls got a lovely experience in a major structure, earned the money (!), Well and are well rested for the daily evening shows and performances, among which were two big concerts - Serdjuchki and mega-star Turkish showbiz SERDARA ORTAC!