Miss Eurasia / 2012

The contest "MISS EURASIA SIDE-2012" was held in Turkey in May and June 2012 with support from SUN CITY hotel and numerous sponsors - leading Turkish brands in the world of fashion and tourism.

It was attended by 16 beauties victorious auditions and regional finals throughout Eurasia (one of them - Sarah Oakes - unfortunately, the management was forced to contest the day before the finals of the competition to avoid provocative behavior unbecoming) - details in the story on Channel LEON FASHION LIFE.

Eventful days of competition to accommodate a promotional, cultural and recreational activities with visiting important historical and touristic places of Antalya, beautiful beaches and upmarket restaurants and clubs, yachting and "cabrio-bus-tour", a photo shoot for leading newspapers and magazines and the Mediterranean taken in the best shops through which each participant received a gift on the personal choice of luxury shoes from POLARIS, fashion swimwear from KOM and trips to vacation in hotels network EMIRHAN HOTELS!!

In addition, all (!) Participants received a gift set complete with all the possible Turkish souvenirs: magnets, plates, figurines, jewelry, teas, sweets and kits for the hamam. So once again confirmed immutable rule of Leonid Karatygina competitions: each participant receives a gift worth at least $ 300, regardless of its place in the competition.

Despite the fact that rehearsals were given only 2 days, the girls proved to be true professionals scenes, and the show was a bright, beautiful, - the joy and the very participants and spectators with the sponsors, and most Leonid Karatygin, under the direct supervision of which was the whole production sparkling final action, culminated in a grand fireworks and sparkling after-barbeku-party at a luxury beach hotel SENSIMAR!

Awards not long to wait and become a worthy member of this gift of wrestling in the contest:

8 finalists and major nominees "MISS EURASIA SIDE-2012" received the gift of luxurious dress competition partner - Site WILDBERRIES.RU!

All except the nominee ribbons and crowns were awarded a special bronze (MISS DISCO, MISS BIKINI, MISS TALENT, MISS SPORT), silver (MISS FRIENDSHIP, MISS PHOTO, MISS FASHION) and gold (3d, 2nd RUNNER UP and WINNER) medals, which began that is dedicated to immediately after the contest the European Football Championship!

TOP-6 competition endowed with stylish jewels and vouchers to stay in hotels in the network RIXOS.

1 VICE-MISS 21-year-old Anna Dishkant from Ukraine and 2 VICE-MISS 18-year-old Christina Kuliaka from Poland were presented with a beautiful leather jacket from competition partner store ALICE!

And finally, WINNER MISS EURASIA SIDE-2012 25-year-old Ekaterina Bespalov from Siberia has all of the above and beyond just the grand prize - money the contract on cooperation with the management of "Miss Eurasia" for the season 2012-2013!

The contract has already been successfully put into practice! Catherine Bespalov next week after the contest co-starred in an advertising photo shoot for a large network ANTOIL, took part in a grand exhibition DOSSO DOSSI FASHION SHOW, and in showing a new collection of designer RAMAZO ROMA at RIXOS SUNGATE with Timothy and Gigue. Issued a contract for the advertising shoot with world-renowned jewelry house ROBERTO BRAVO!

A championship year has just begun! And in front of new achievements and good earnings. Why call all the other member states and future contenders for the Miss Eurasia!