Miss Eurasia / General Info

The annual continental beauty contest MISS EURASIA has a long, rich, successful history, which can be studied in all the beauty of the magnificent photo- reports and video clips on our corporate website www.miss-eurasia.com

First time the competition under this prestigious name was held in 2005 in Kazakhstan. Passed under the personal patronage of the President of Kazakhstan! The first winner was a representative of Kyrgyzstan. In different years the contest was won by wonderful participants from Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Yakutia, Hungary...

Since 2009, MISS EURASIA has been taking place on the luxurious stages of the amazing hotels of Antalya, because it was to this beautiful Mediterranean city that he moved to his permanent residence and placed his headquarters - Founder and President of MISS EURASIA Leonid Karatygin.

MISS EURASIA competition is included in the TOP-10 of the World Beauty Contests: very few people correspond to it in quality and quantity (no less than 36), according to the size of the prize fund, according to the incredible rich luxury program, career growth in the world of beauty of our Winner and holders of the Main Titles.

Since 2017 the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EECO) - www.eurasianeconomic.org has become the official partner of MISS EURASIA, and the competition received a new high status in the world of beauty and art, new opportunities for TOP-15 finalists of the contest opened up, which became official Ambassadors of Beauty and Good Will of Tourism In their countries and regions. Now MISS EURASIA is a FESTIVAL of Art, Beauty and Talent! To win in our Festival is not only guaranteed to become a Star, but also to get the right chance to change the World for the better, at least around yourself - for sure!

Founder MISS EURASIA & Queen of Eurasia
President Eurasia Group Ltd

Jury Coordinator
Olga Karatygina (Antalya)

Winner Beauty Contests Miss Siberia, Miss Tourism Queen International, Miss Fashion TV

Producer Eurasia Group Ltd
Anastasya Paveljeva (Istanbul)

Konstantin Kilin

Official Photographer
Dmitry Karpushev

Florian Yves

Assistance Mr. President
Producer Elena Esikova