Miss Eurasia / 2011

26 May - 6 Jun.
Beauty contest MISS EURASIA-2011!!!

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With grandiose scope and at improbable interest from the press has passed an annual beauty contest of MS. Eurasia! Any words will not be enough to describe a saturation of the program throughout all 10 days during which participants from 20 different countries of Europe, Asia and regions of Russia lived in one of the best hotels of region of Antalya Kemer-Cumyuva MARCO POLO! The hotel also became one of title partners of competition, having given 12 comfortable numbers and luxury service at level ultra-all-inclusive to participants and organizers MISS EURASIA-2011. Air tickets, a transfer and the excursion program are organised and given one of the strongest tour operators by company TURTESS. Financial maintenance of competition was incurred by company ANTOIL which name speaks for itself - for today it already 30 filling stations along Mediterranean sea.

Daily shootings for newspapers and TV and advertising trips to competition firms-sponsors were replaced by excursions in the most beautiful places: an old city, the historical centre, elite LARA, falls... (CLICK HERE) and supplemented with entertainments: AQUALAND (CLICK HERE), YACHT-Tour (CLICK HERE), a magnificent party in elite club CEJLA located directly on the sea, souvenir shopping, etc.

Practically every evening passed special preliminary competitions: Miss Talent, Miss Disco, Miss Sport, Miss Bikini, Miss Aden, Miss AntOil, Miss Alice! So all participants had real chances to leave from competition not simply with gifts, but also with a prize-winning title! And it was possible to much!

According to principles of competition of participants did not torture rehearsals lasting many hours: all the same the sun, the sea, constant shows. So the basic emphasis became on a rigid and at the same time clear choreography and as on ability and experience participants to be the individual person on a scene in each exit of the competitive program! (CLICK HERE)

And show was possible. The general opinion of members of the professional and sponsor's jury, especially invited visitors and the tourists who have received honour to get to number of spectators of MS. EURASIA-2011 it is valid level of the world beauty contest! Including on value of gifts and prizes! And results have not disappointed anybody - have won really the strongest and the most beautiful!

20 participants of the ending of Ms. Eurasia-2011 have received as a gift all:
- Fashionable shoes from the leader of the shoe market of Turkey of company POLARIS (CLICK HERE);
- Stylish bathing suits of a season 2011 from firm SUNSET company-manufacturer (CLICK HERE);
- Beautiful dresses from the respectable house of a female fashion of elite Antalia ADEN;
- sunglasses points from a network of boutiques EMO-Optik (CLICK HERE);
- Photo-disks with all photosessions of 10 days of stay in Antalia and the firm booklet of the participant of competition;
- Improving massage from the competition partner - networks SPA BALBAYLAR.

Miss Sport and MISS ANTOIL (the advertising contract is applied on a title for the sum 10000$!) - URAL (Anna Bykova) (CLICK HERE)

Miss Talent - ROMANIA (Inna Lotishko)

Miss Alice - VOLGA (Olesya Plyatsek) (CLICK HERE)

Miss Disco - CHUVASHIA (Alena Zheltova)

Miss Cejla - MOLDOVA (Svitlana Syrotiuk) (CLICK HERE)

Miss Aden - ALTAY (Evgenia Petkevich) (CLICK HERE)

Miss MARCO POLO - UKRAINE (Tatiana Vokaliuk) (CLICK HERE)

Miss Polaris - SLOVAKIA (Elen Larchenkova)

Miss Awaros - KAZAKHSTAN (Inessa Nazarova) (CLICK HERE)

Miss Photo - BELARUS (Marina Tikhonova)

Miss Bikini - SIBERIA (Anna Sopkalova)

4th RUNNER UP - VOLGA (OLESYA PLYATSEK) - a leather jacket in cost 900$

MISS EUROPE - POLAND (KHRISTINA STADNYK) - a leather jacket in cost 1100$

MISS ASIA - GEORGIA (SALOME KOMETIANI) - a dress from collection VAKKO 2011 and air tickets of Tbilisi-Antalia-Tbilisi (business class) at any time at will

3d RUNNER UP - FRANCE (KRISTY KANKOLA) - a leather jacket in cost 1500$ and the advertising contract with company TURTESS

2nd RUNNER UP - MOLDOVA (SVITLANA SYROTIUK) - diamond watch in cost 7000$ and the advertising contract with hotel MARCO POLO

WINNER MISS EURASIA 2011 - KAZAKHSTAN - INESSA NAZAROVA!!!! Inessa has received as a gift diamond watch from a collection GIO MONACO "HOLLYWOOD" in cost 30000$ and the annual contract with "Miss Eurasia" and TV Leon Fashion Life for the sum 10000$!